Thursday, January 9, 2014

Top 5 and 100% free vst plugins for fl studio

Here are are the top 5 VST plugins for FL Studio form Free4vstplugins, you must try at least one of these. Don't worry all these are free ;) so no worry's.

01.Sir Elliot Eighteen Band Graphic Equaliser :- Probabally this is a 18-Band Graphic Equalizer performs best on mid range,  and the best thing is it got 18-Band Graphic Equalizer.

Powered by Sir Elliot, and you can download it from here.
Sir Elliot Eighteen Band Graphic Equaliser

02.Sir Elliot's Four Stage Compressor :- The Four Stage Compressor consists of four compressors sitting in one chassis using the same Threshold, Ratio, Attack, & Release controls.  To  download Click Here.
Sir Elliot's Four Stage Compressor

03.Comp4 :- Plektron Comp4 is a 4-band compressor.
Comp4 can work traditionally or in side-chaining mode, so to boost or suppress specific frequencies.This plugin allows you to manipulate the dynamics of sound on individual tracks and / or on the master channel without causing loss of quality due to the parallel compression technique.

Powerd by Plektron, For download click here.

04.Aaltoverb :- Powered by MadronaLabs, Download Here.


05.NastyVCS  :- Inspired by the smooth dynamic and tone shaping capabilities of some high-end mixing consoles and channel strips, this plug-in implements the most distinctive and much appreciated sonic effects generated by these devices. Powered by VARIETY OF SOUND  Download Here.


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