Monday, January 26, 2015

KRM-SFP Free VST player

KRM-SFP is a simple Soundfont Player.It has similar layout to SarteXT, but the standard OSC's are replaced with SF2 OSC's. 2 diff soundfonts can be loaded/palyed at once. Again,  each SF2-OSC has its own VCF/Filt Aenv/Amp Env/LFO and a global Mod section. Chorus FX.

Download this VST plugin for Windows(32bit)

SynthX Free VST Monophonic Bass Synth Plugin

Plugin features 
  • 1 osc monophonic bass synth (sine/saw/pulse)
  • Asymetric distortion unit (controlled by X-Y pad)
  • 3 filter types:Legacy - 3P-18dB LP, Classic - 4P Moog LP and Vintage - 4P- 24dB saturated LP
  • Filter ADSR
  • Amp ADSR
  • Retrigger/glide

SampleTank FREE [IK Multimedia]

SampleTank FREE is a full-featured version of SampleTank 2.5 , with a 500 MB specially selected samples library. It is no longer limited...