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FEM 1 v.1.0 (Fm synth vst)

Direct Download(1.27Mb)

Plugin features
Overdrive effectMulti-delay effectRing modulation4 x LFO (2 x multimode)6 oscillators, with osc matrixMain pitch controls, octave, semitone, and fine

Adonis 2 v.1.3.1 (Fm synth vst)

Direct Download(3.94Mb)

Plugin features
Static HPFMIDI learnCPU friendlyPhaser / flanger8-step sequencer8 voice polyphonic2 independent VoicesDelay; host BPM syncable4 waveforms in each Voice57 Voice-structures per Voice9 x 12 main modulation-matrix10 x 16 Voices modulation-matrix6 x 6 sub-matrix dedicated to LFO2 multi-mode serial / parallel filters

Future (Fm synth vst)

Direct Download(1.49Mb)

Plugin features
30 PresetsPresetgeneratorMidi-Automation on knobs

Xenharmonic FMTS (Fm synth vst)

Direct Download(7.23Mb)

Plugin features
Velocity sensitiveKeyboard tracking6 dB LPF Warm Filter 57 Operator Algorithms  11 different Operator Waveforms 4-Voice Stereo Ensemble DetunerSaturator for subtle to extreme distortion   4 Operator FM Synthesis with Ring-Modulation2 State Variable Filters with 12 and 24 dB response  6 independent Envelope Generators dedicated to modulating Operators A-D, Filters and VCACutoff frequencies modulated by Velocity, Envelope Generator, LFO and Keyboard Tracking Low Frequency Oscillators can be set to modulate the cutoff frequencies of the filters at audio rates, thereby producing sidebands in the signal.

DSK TechSynth (Fm synth vst)

Direct Download(7.9Mb)

Plugin features
Delay filter+60 patchesVelocity responsePitch / poly control2 Osc with 5 waveformsAdvanced filter with ADSR and LFOAmp. envelope and detune control

DSK BlueZ (Fm synth vst)

Direct Download(1.6Mb)

Plugin features
Sub oscillators Preset Manager  Advanced filtersLFO routing to filters2 Fx (delay & chours / flanger)2 Oscillator with 134 waveforms and wavedraw option