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Archetype Instruments - Lokomotiv

Lokomotiv is a software synthesizer for both Windows and Mac. Lokomotiv is designed to make your sounds more powerful and create wide range of sounds way easier.

Oscillator:Mathematically generated high definition Oscillator without using wavetable or interpolation.Silky smooth 9 X detuned sawtooth wave.Pulse wave with self PWM.Shape morphing sub oscillator.Filter:MG ladder modeling multimode filter featured Zero Delay Feedback technology.Routable filter Drive. (Pre / Post).Modulator:Natural Curved ADSR Envelope generator.Oneshot LFO which can be used as envelope.Specification:1 X OSC (Saw+ Pulse) + 1 Sub OSC. Noise Generator.1 X multimode Filter with Drive.1 X LFO, 1 X Envelop Generator.8 polyphonic voices, Mono and Legato mode supported.64 Factory preset included.Native 64-bit, Mac and Windows OS supported.
Developer: Archetype Instruments
Download this VST plugin for Windows / Mac

Flux:: - BitterSweet II Free VST Plugin

Bitter Sweet is a free dynamics processor to manage audio transients. Turning the central button on the sweet side, decreases the transients amplitude. On the bitter side, the transients amplitude is magnified. Bitter Sweet also features a control for the signal to be processed. When the main position is engaged, the process affects the stereo signal. If Center is engaged, only the M signal of the internal MS matrix is processed. If stereo is selected, only the S signal from the MS matrix is processed.

Get this free VST plugin.

KIRNU - Arpeggiator VST Plugin for FREE

KIRNU - Arpeggiator VST Plugin for FREE
The Best FREE MIDI Arpeggiator VST Plugin on the market!

- Easy realtime tweaking - User friendly pattern view - MIDI learn for every major control - Two independent CC controls with 'teach' functionality - Numerous of different scales - Hold mode 
Available for :- Win 32,Win 64,non SSE2, Mac OS X
Get this free VST plugin

Blechturmstudios - LFO Filter V2

Plugin Features LFO modulated Filter with overdrive.12db/24db modeFrequency control via Mod WheelLFO: free speed or sync to hostWaveforms: sine, saw, ramp, triangle, square10 Presets Download

DSK Ethereal Padz (Plugin features)

Direct Download(84.1Mb)

Plugin features
Chorus effectReverb EffectVelocity response 2 Layer with 22 Pads sounds2 Advanced Filter, with ADSRADSR, Fintunnig and Pan control2 LFO routing to Cut, Pan, Level and Pitch