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Thursday, April 16, 2015

SUN RA - Ambient Texture Generator

SUN RA - Ambient Texture Generator
Ambient texture generator. It's based on a dual synthesis engine ( 1substractive oscillator + 2 wave players), completed with several randomization options and a battery of built-in effects. It also features a good set of 24 presets.

Developer: Elogoxa

Download (Win)

GTG Synths - GTG Sputnik 2000

GTG Sputnik 2000. Retro effects synth based on three Phase Modulation oscillators and 1 analog oscillator. LFO,Chorus and reverb. 97 presets: Bass,percussion,pads and fx.

GTG Synths - GTG Sputnik 2000 Free VST Synth plugin
GTG Synths - GTG Sputnik 2000 

Developer: GTG Synths

Monday, February 2, 2015

Full Bucket Music - Ragnarök

Ragnarök is a VST 2.4 software instrument for Microsoft Windows simulating a custom-built one-of-a-kind analog synthesizer from 1980. It is written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption.

 Features of Ragnarök :
  • Up to 64 voices polyphony including portamento.
  • Unique 3+1 band-limited oscillator bank - up to four oscillators per voice.
  • Additional white noise generator.
  • Multi-pole filter (6–12–18–24 dB/Oct low-pass or high-pass) with resonance.
  • Two envelopes (ADSR or AD) with exponential slopes.
  • Low frequency oscillator.
  • Built-in Overdrive effect and 7 band graphic equalizer.
  • Cool repeat/pseudo arpeggiator functionality.
  • Double precision audio processing.
  • All parameters can be controlled by MIDI controllers.
  • Exchangeable graphics (for individual skinning).
  • Plug-in comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Fully compatible with SM Pro Audio's V-Machine.

Developer: Ragnarök

Download this VST plugin for Windows

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Free steinberg vst plugin - VST Classics Vol. 1


Steinberg - VST Classics Vol. 1 - PC & Mac OS X

Includes the VB-1 and the Model-E.
Unsupported release!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

easy-tb 3X (Analog synth VST)

Direct Download(1.23Mb)

Plugin features
2 X 8 waveforms 
1-8 Step-Sequencer
16 User-patches 

Metatron (Analog synth VST)

Direct Download(1.82Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 3 LFOs 
  2. 64 presets
  3. Ring modulation 
  4. 2 phase oscillators
  5. Dual stereo delay  
  6. Arpeggiator section 
  7. Graphical envelopes
  8. Oscillator pitch drifting  
  9. Assignable modwheel and pitchwheel  
  10. Sequencer section (16 steps, for gating as well as modulation) 

Mainliner (Analog synth VST)

Direct Download(1.05Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 3 LFOs 
  2. 2 Filters  
  3. 3 EnvGen 
  4. 8-pole LPF
  5. FM, HardSync
  6. 3x3 oscillators  

Wollo Drone (Analog synth VST)

Direct Download(1.67Mb)

Plugin features
  1. Mono Mode
  2. 2 mono delays 
  3. Portamento 
  4. Preset manager
  5. 32 voice polyphony 
  6. 2 oscillators in each voice  
  7. Simple, easy to use interface 
  8. Envelopes for Osc 1 & Osc 2  
  9. LFOs with 8 different waveforms 
  10. True stereo mode, for a wide sound  
  11. 5 different oscillator waveforms with pulse-width and sync 

Ichi (Analog synth VST)

Direct Download(1.35Mb)

Plugin features
  1. Pan and gain control
  2. 3 ADSR envelopes 
  3. Ichi has two identical sound creation generators
  4. Simple delay with sync to host or user defined delay rate control 
  5. LFO destinations include filter cutoff, filter resonnance, oscillator pitch, VCR and delay rate 

TAL-Elek7ro (Analog synth VST)

Direct Download(716Kb)

Plugin features
  1. Panic button
  2. 1 noise oscillator
  3. Midi Learn for all pots
  4. Free routable AD-envelope
  5. 1 sub oscillator (saw, rectangle)
  6. Mono mode, including portamento
  7. Mod-wheel and Pitch-Wheel support
  8. Poly mode, up to 6 voices (not cpu optimized for poly mode)
  9. 2 oscillators with hardsync, PW and FM (saw, pulse, triangle, sine)
  10. 2 free routable Lfo's (0.1Hz - 400Hz, sine, triangle, saw, rectangle, s&h, noise)

MiniMogueVA (Analog synth VST)

Direct Download(1.64Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 5-note polyphony 
  2. Fully programmable Digital Delay
  3. Arpeggiator and 16-note Step Sequencer
  4. Aftertouch control, adjustable filter Velocity curve  
  5. 3 independent Overdrive sliders (one per oscillator)
  6. Tuning of Osc 1, Fine Tuning sliders for Osc2 and Osc3 
  7. Global Overdrive with hi and lowpass cutoff, Oscillator Sync
  8. Release knobs for the two Contour Generators (envelopes)  
  9. Chorus, an independent LFO that includes oscillator drift and stereo panning 

Pure-Pone (Analog synth VST)

Direct Download(3.45Mb)

Plugin features 
  1. Free version with one voice
  2. FM, SYNC and RING modulation in connection with the super wave oscillator gives a phat basic sound
  3. 2 x modulations matrix, a 12/24dB multimode Filter and a delay / chorus unit works for sounddesign

Artemis v.1.5 (Analog synth VST)

Direct Download(4.11Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 8 voices polyphonic synthesizer
  2. 2 unison oscillators
  3.  LFO 1 can modulate LFO 2
  4. 6 x 13 digital modulation matrix
  5. Oscillators sync and cross-modulation
  6. Audio routing for semi-modular architecture
  7. White / brown noise generator
  8. 2 HP/LP filters 12/24 db in serial and/or parallels
  9. 2 DADSR mod-envelopes
  10. 2 LFO in free-run / Host BPM sync (can run at very high frequencies)

Contakt (Analog synth VST)

Direct Download(3.68Mb)

Plugin features
  1. Keyboard
  2. Delay module
  3. Reverb module
  4. Inbuilt oscilloscope
  5. Filter module 5 modes
  6. Hand built Russian Design
  7. Both oscillators can be mixed
  8. Two oscillators with 5 waveforms
  9. It gives you the flexibility you need without compromising valuable CPU processing power.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pure-Pone (Analog synth VST)

Direct Download(3.45Mb)

Plugin features
  1. FM, SYNC and RING modulation in connection with the super wave oscillator gives a phat basic sound
  2. 2 x modulations matrix, a 12/24dB multimode Filter and a delay / chorus unit works for sounddesign
  3. Free version with one voice

Abakos (Analog synth VST)

Direct Download(1.12Mb)

Plugin features
  1. Ring Mod
  2. Noise Generator
  3. Envelope Follow
  4. 2 VCO with 3 waveforms
  5. 2 ADSR for sound design
  6. LFO with multiple waveforms
  7. Digital / Analogue Filter Modes
  8. Gorgeous Graphics by ArtVera
  9. Internal preset management system
  10. High Quality Virtual Analogue Synth 
  11. 4 Banks of Preset slots for a total of 512
  12. Onboard Delay, Tremolo, Vibrato and Wah Wah

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