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Best 3 Drum VST Plugins for FL Studio [ FREE ]

Here are 3 best drum VST Plugins but free that you can use in FL Studio or any other VST supported software of your choice.

Looking for some more drum plugins? then checkout out our Drum plugin library.

01. DSK DrumZ AkoustiK


– 8 sound slots (C3 to C4 white keys)
– Level and pan control
– Master amp. envelope (ADSR)
– 8 stereo outs
– 85 hig quality samples
– 4 full kits + extra sounds
– Midi automation
– Velocity response
– Preset selector

Developer : DSKMusicDownload(8Mb)

02. DigiDrum Pro


- 5 separate DigiDrum parts with 5 user definable audio outputs
- 27 classic drum and percussion waveforms
- User wavefile import
- Full VST automation
- easy sound preview ensures intuitive preset programming

Developer : Audiosonic       Download(3.5Mb)

03. CM-505
This drum machine is pure analog and it sounds funky i love it, hard to believe this is free, it has that mechanical low-fi very dirty sound. Also the sound shaping is awesome.


- 12 Pad Drum Synth
- One Stereo, six …

Juno 6 - Virtual Analogue Synthesizer

Juno 6 is an VST based virtual Analogue Synthesizer for Windows written in C++, that emulates the sound technics of the original Roland Juno 6/60 Synthesizer. The project itself is based on the ultramaster juno 6 linux sources.

Developer : Gruftie    |   Download (Win)

Aegis - Softsynth VST Plugin

Aegis is inspired by the old Amiga 500 softsynth Sonix by Aegis. It's main features are the Drawable Oscillator and LFO waveforms and a special type of Phase Distortion.


1 Drawable Oscillator. (128 samples).1 Drawable LFO, that can be used as an envelope.ADSR with adjustable slopes.Two types of Phase Distortion/Modulation.A Low-Pass Filter.Can add Harmonics to the Drawable waveform.Waveform copy and paste.
Developer : Xenobioz   |   Download

Lucid - Free Subtractive Synth Plugin

Lucid is a Subtractive Synth that combines Waveshaping with FM and Morphing.

Lucid is a Subtractive Synth that combines Waveshaping with FM and Morphing.


3 Oscillators with one waveshaper each.3 different FM modes (Algorithms).4 different Osc combination modes. Mix, Morph, Meld and Vertical Morph.1 ZDF Filter with 6 different modes.3 LFOs with Audio rate modes of which two can be waveshaped.2 ADSRs with adjustable slopes, Velocity control, randomization and Keytracking.1 Polyphonic distortion (waveshaper).1 Delay that can be modulated.1 Reverb.1 Randomizer, key triggered or run by LFO3.384 presets.
Download   |   Demo mp3

Funxion - Free Hybrid Synthesizer

Funxion VSTI is a Hybrid Synthesizer with user definable functions for waveforms and distortion.


3 oscillators with standard VA and custom waveshapes using mathematical functionsOscillators have FM, Syncing, and different Morph modes 3 LFOs3 ADSRS with Keytracking ADSR time gets faster with higher notes.A Randomizer that changes value constantly or on every triggered note.Multimode Filter with 13 different filter typesDistortion with user definable waveshaping using mathematical functionsA delay for physical modeling and FXAnother delay which can also be modulated256 presets! Developer : xenobioz
Download    |    Demo song

Lektro - Free VST Distortion Synthesizer

Lektro VSTI is a Phase Distortion Synthesizer with a lot of modulation capabilities.

Some features of this VST Plugin.

2 Phase distortion OscillatorsA Waveshaper3 LFOs of which one can be used as a sub Oscillator.An LFO waveshaperA Randomizer2 ADSRsA Tone ControllerA Filter with 13 different modesA Delay
Developer : xenobioz
Download Demo Mp3 - Lektrodance.mp3

Kruudster Free VST Hybrid Synthesizer

Kruudster is a hybrid synthesizer with a lot of modulation capabilities, with drawable low resolution waveforms.

Features :

3 Oscillators.3 LFOS.A Randomizer, key triggered or rate controlled.3 ADSRs.A Filter with 13 different modes, keytracking and filter mix.2 Modulatable Delays of which one can be Tuned for Physical Modelling.1 Arpeggiator.1 Step modulator including a key triggered mode.PWM for all waveforms.Unique Waveform Morphing.FM.
Developer : Xenobioz
Download (Win)  Listen to Kruudster mp3 Demo

GTG Synths - GTG Sputnik 2000

GTG Sputnik 2000. Retro effects synth based on three Phase Modulation oscillators and 1 analog oscillator. LFO,Chorus and reverb. 97 presets: Bass,percussion,pads and fx.

Developer: GTG Synths
Download (Win)

Archetype Instruments - Lokomotiv

Lokomotiv is a software synthesizer for both Windows and Mac. Lokomotiv is designed to make your sounds more powerful and create wide range of sounds way easier.

Oscillator:Mathematically generated high definition Oscillator without using wavetable or interpolation.Silky smooth 9 X detuned sawtooth wave.Pulse wave with self PWM.Shape morphing sub oscillator.Filter:MG ladder modeling multimode filter featured Zero Delay Feedback technology.Routable filter Drive. (Pre / Post).Modulator:Natural Curved ADSR Envelope generator.Oneshot LFO which can be used as envelope.Specification:1 X OSC (Saw+ Pulse) + 1 Sub OSC. Noise Generator.1 X multimode Filter with Drive.1 X LFO, 1 X Envelop Generator.8 polyphonic voices, Mono and Legato mode supported.64 Factory preset included.Native 64-bit, Mac and Windows OS supported.
Developer: Archetype Instruments
Download this VST plugin for Windows / Mac

Novaflash - MICROMEGA

Compact VA substractive synthetizer.
No LFO, No FX, No Stereo.
Fast Envelopes, Fast Knob midi response.

VCO1 :

SAW shape+-6 Octave tuningSOFT SUB add a sine tuned -1 octave
VCO2 : SQUARE shape+-48 Semi tone shifted from VCO1PHS : phase shiftVCOs common : MIX : mix between VCO1 & 2HRMC : Adjustable HarmonicNOISE : amountVCF : 24 dB resonant LPFENV : HADSR + VelocityKB, ENV : sources modulation amountDIST : Special distortion (FM based)VCA : GLIDEADSR + velocity slope + Volume
Developer: Novaflash
Download this VST plugin for Windows

Full Bucket Music - deputy Mark II

The deputy Mark II is a VST™2.4 software instrument Microsoft Windows® in the tradition of classic string machines and early "polyphonic" synthesizers, written in native C++ code for high performance.


Polyphonic string/synthesizer (Poly) section and monophonic synthesizer (Mono) sectionBuilt-in Ensemble and Phaser effectsFlexible keyboard assignment for Poly and Mono sectionMono section:Single VCO plus suboscillator and noise4-pole lowpass filterADSR envelope and LFOOutput of Poly section can be send to filter inputPoly section:Up to 61 voices polyphonyTwo band-limited frequency divider-driven oscillator banksSawtooth and PWM waveforms2-pole multi-mode filter and ADS envelope per voiceGlobal ADSR envelope for paraphonic modulationResonator bankFully compatible with SM Pro Audio's V-Machine™
On the track "deputy", the deputy Mark II is the only audio source (plus some delay, reverb and slight compression).

Developer: Full Bucket Music

Download this VST pl…

NeuroBot Free VST Plugin

Neurobot plugin, it's a very simple bass synthesizer plugin moded with SynthEdit. This plugin is designed on phase distortion oscillation, counts with Amp Envelope, Modulation Envelope and Filter Envelope. Simple based waveforms like Square, Saw, Pulse and Saw-Pulse are the core of this plugin.

The two filters of this plugin, one of them moog, turns this simple plugin phatter, and the targeting options for the Filter Envelope that cover both filters amplitude, drive the plugin into a higher state. This VSTi also brings up a built-in Equaliser of 4 bands and frequency center. SoundBank with 64 presets designed by T. E. King.


Download this VST plugin for Windows

SynthX Free VST Monophonic Bass Synth Plugin

Plugin features  1 osc monophonic bass synth (sine/saw/pulse)Asymetric distortion unit (controlled by X-Y pad)3 filter types:Legacy - 3P-18dB LP, Classic - 4P Moog LP and Vintage - 4P- 24dB saturated LPFilter ADSRAmp ADSRRetrigger/glide
Download for Windows(32 bit)

Homegrown Sounds - Astralis Orgone Lite

Astralis Orgone is a "Dual Sample" based Synthesizer. It is the next generation of the Astralis Range and is highly optimized with great improvements in CPU use and especially load times. It is a rounded synth capable of sounds ranging from Trance Style Rhythms to Hard Leads and excels at Pads, Atmospheres and FX. Great care has been taken into developing a logical layout and many useful control features, such as double click resets and CTRL fine control adjustments. It comes with 128 presets and 150 samples, though you can add your own samples very easily. 
Astralis Orgone Lite is the free version of Astralis Orgone with a reduced feature set. It is free, fully functional and a feature packed synth in its own right. It includes 128 presets and the diversity of sound created from 25 samples demonstrates the power of the Astralis System. Great for creating atmospheric Pads/Ambience/FX as well as Trancegate, Modulated and Arpeggiated Rhythms. The synth is free to use but donati…

GTG Synths - GTG Sputnik 2000 Free VST plugin

GTG Sputnik 2000. Retro effects synth based on three Phase Modulation oscillators and 1 analog oscillator. LFO,Chorus and reverb. 97 presets: Bass,percussion,pads and fx.
Get this free VST plugin.

Phuturetone - Phutura free VST plugin

Phutura is a virtual synthesizer inspired by 80's hardware synth Alpha Juno, best known for the Hoover sound. Its edgy and futuristic feel makes it perfect choice for Lead and Chord Stab type of sounds, suitable for use in dark & energetic styles of music, i.e.: Techno, Rave, Drum&Bass, Electro, Hardstyle, Dubstep.
Specifications Polyphony: 8 Voices (+ 8 release reserve).Oscillators: 3 Oscillators (Sawtooth, Pulse and Sub, with 4-6 subtypes each) and White Noise Waveform.Filters: Non-resonant High Pass Filter (4 modes) and Resonant Low Pass Filter.Modulators: LFO, ADSR Envelope, Pitch Bender, Mod Wheel and Key Tracking.Effects: Chorus.MIDI: Automation of all interface controls is possible.Patches: 128 Patches (80 presets in Hoover, Bass, Lead, Pad, Polyphonic, Synth & Sound FX categories; and 48 blank User Patches).System: Windows with 32-bit host.
Get this free VST plugin for windows

Kairatune VST Synthesizer FREE

Kairatune is not your all-in-one synthesizer. It's designed and engineered to be as powerful and versatile as possible in it's target role as your source for tight bass, unique lead and shiny SFX sounds. At the same time it makes all the effort to be simple enough to use, enabling you to add your personal touch and flavor to the sound and seek for the perfect fit to your mixing preferences.

Download this VST plugin

FireBird 2 Synthesizer VST Plugin Free Download

A few months ago this plugin on sale for $79 for last 7 years and finally TONE2 (the company who made this plugin) decided to give it free :)

 FireBird offers a fresh sound, is easy to use and comes with a new kind of synthesis... the new synthesis method convinces completely...excellent sound...You can create completely new sounds with a few parameter changes... sound design is real fun and offers great results... Don’t miss to try!

FireBird 2 Features
Very easy to program and easy to useA unique sounding  synthesis: Harmonic content morphing (HCM)High sound quality: Warm, transparent437 hand picked presets included, over 1000 sounds available84 oscillator types containing 18,000 morphable waveforms38 different filter typesTrue stereo mode, 4x unison mode, and up to 8 oscillators per voiceCan sound like other synthesis methods - additive, subtractive, AM, FM, phase distortion, supersaw, vocoder, syncCan sound like natural instruments like piano, brass, organs...23 spectral manipulation…

VOPM (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(7.02Mb)

VOPM is an emulation of the Yamaha YM2151 (OPM) 4 operator FM sound chip.

Plugin features
Supports MIDI CCsThe file includes Windows version and patchesYamaha YM2151 (OPM) 4 operator FM sound chip emulationVOPM doesn't offer any effects like reverb or delay - just use external plugins

easy crumar (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(20.9Mb)

Plugin features
FilterOctaveVolume for each slotEmulation" of Crumar Multiman S with 6 sounds