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Homegrown Sounds - Astralis Orgone Lite

Astralis Orgone is a "Dual Sample" based Synthesizer. It is the next generation of the Astralis Range and is highly optimized with great improvements in CPU use and especially load times. It is a rounded synth capable of sounds ranging from Trance Style Rhythms to Hard Leads and excels at Pads, Atmospheres and FX. Great care has been taken into developing a logical layout and many useful control features, such as double click resets and CTRL fine control adjustments. It comes with 128 presets and 150 samples, though you can add your own samples very easily. 

Astralis Orgone Lite is the free version of Astralis Orgone with a reduced feature set. It is free, fully functional and a feature packed synth in its own right. It includes 128 presets and the diversity of sound created from 25 samples demonstrates the power of the Astralis System. Great for creating atmospheric Pads/Ambience/FX as well as Trancegate, Modulated and Arpeggiated Rhythms. The synth is free to use but donations are always appreciated to support future developments. More details here.

GTG Synths - GTG Sputnik 2000 Free VST plugin

GTG Sputnik 2000. Retro effects synth based on three Phase Modulation oscillators and 1 analog oscillator. LFO,Chorus and reverb. 97 presets: Bass,percussion,pads and fx.

Phuturetone - Phutura free VST plugin

Phutura is a virtual synthesizer inspired by 80's hardware synth Alpha Juno, best known for the Hoover sound. Its edgy and futuristic feel makes it perfect choice for Lead and Chord Stab type of sounds, suitable for use in dark & energetic styles of music, i.e.: Techno, Rave, Drum&Bass, Electro, Hardstyle, Dubstep.

  • Polyphony: 8 Voices (+ 8 release reserve).
  • Oscillators: 3 Oscillators (Sawtooth, Pulse and Sub, with 4-6 subtypes each) and White Noise Waveform.
  • Filters: Non-resonant High Pass Filter (4 modes) and Resonant Low Pass Filter.
  • Modulators: LFO, ADSR Envelope, Pitch Bender, Mod Wheel and Key Tracking.
  • Effects: Chorus.
  • MIDI: Automation of all interface controls is possible.
  • Patches: 128 Patches (80 presets in Hoover, Bass, Lead, Pad, Polyphonic, Synth & Sound FX categories; and 48 blank User Patches).
  • System: Windows with 32-bit host.

Kairatune VST Synthesizer FREE

Kairatune is not your all-in-one synthesizer. It's designed and engineered to be as powerful and versatile as possible in it's target role as your source for tight bass, unique lead and shiny SFX sounds. At the same time it makes all the effort to be simple enough to use, enabling you to add your personal touch and flavor to the sound and seek for the perfect fit to your mixing preferences.

Download this VST plugin

FireBird 2 Synthesizer VST Plugin Free Download

A few months ago this plugin on sale for $79 for last 7 years and finally TONE2 (the company who made this plugin) decided to give it free :)

 FireBird offers a fresh sound, is easy to use and comes with a new kind of synthesis... the new synthesis method convinces completely...excellent sound...You can create completely new sounds with a few parameter changes... sound design is real fun and offers great results... Don’t miss to try!

FireBird 2 Features

  • Very easy to program and easy to use
  • A unique sounding  synthesis: Harmonic content morphing (HCM)
  • High sound quality: Warm, transparent
  • 437 hand picked presets included, over 1000 sounds available
  • 84 oscillator types containing 18,000 morphable waveforms
  • 38 different filter types
  • True stereo mode, 4x unison mode, and up to 8 oscillators per voice
  • Can sound like other synthesis methods - additive, subtractive, AM, FM, phase distortion, supersaw, vocoder, sync
  • Can sound like natural instruments like piano, brass, organs...
  • 23 spectral manipulations or “modifiers” can be applied to the oscillators
  • 21 arpeggiator types
  • 13 effect types
  • Skinable user interface
System requirements

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, Processor with more than 400 Mhz


VOPM (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(7.02Mb)

VOPM is an emulation of the Yamaha YM2151 (OPM) 4 operator FM sound chip.

Plugin features
  1. Supports MIDI CCs
  2. The file includes Windows version and patches
  3. Yamaha YM2151 (OPM) 4 operator FM sound chip emulation
  4. VOPM doesn't offer any effects like reverb or delay - just use external plugins

easy crumar (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(20.9Mb)

Plugin features
  1. Filter
  2. Octave
  3. Volume for each slot
  4. Emulation" of Crumar Multiman S with 6 sounds

Invector 8v (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(1.14Mb)

Plugin features
8 Voices
8 Oscillator
2 Multimodefilter
Very flexibel circuit
And characteristic chorus-sound

Syncoder (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(2.01Mb)

Plugin features
32 Patch Memory
32 Filter program settings
32 Band Maximum Vocoder Engine
32 Frequency rich carrier waveforms
32 Band Compressors with frequency tracking
Multi-Band Frequency Synthesizer and Vocoder Engine
Import Standard Wav Files for Custom Modulator Control
Syncoder 32 is a 32-Band Frequency Synthesizer and Vocoder VSTi

Anvilia Free (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(20.1Mb)

Plugin features
3 voices
4 Lazy buttons
10 Selectable background skins
2 patch banks = 256 presets
1 Amp EG (ADSR)
 2 Oscillators with 128 waveforms as external sf2 1 enhanced Colorizer

GTG K 1 (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(1.54Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 8 voice polyphonic
  2. New presets 
  3. Less CPU usage.
  4. Two LFO`s (one sync`ed to host tempo)
  5. Polysynth with two oscillators
  6. Stereo chorus and a stereo delay
  7. Synth with warm and phat sound

Sonic Boom One (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(7.6Mb)

Sonic Boom One is a midi sample base VST freeware Plug-in instrument for windows XP only.
 Plugin features
  1. On board effects
  2. This product contains fifty tones in total, and is good for jamming with drums, also suitable for making all kinds of club beats

Acrobatics Alieno v.1.0.9 (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(8.59Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 6 oscillators arranged in 3 modules
  2. 12 skins assignable per patch
  3. 4x stereo oversampling
  4. All parameters can be automated in host
  5. Built-in high quality FX: pan/tremolo, delay and reverb
  6. Multimode 12dB filter: low/hi/bandpass, peaking & notch
  7. Step LFO, pan/tremolo & delay are synced to host tempo
  8. 16 steps LFO with pattern memory, randomizing and templates
  9. Advanced portamento & pitchbend with per patch assignable ranges

Buzzroom Lallapallooza lite v.2.0.1 (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(1.40mb)

Plugin features
  1. OSC1 have "SuperSAW" wave by 7 SAW waves. 9 Types
  2. 5 Filter Types
  3. MIDI automation  
  4. 2 Envelopes (Amp / Filter), 2 Modulations
  5. Effects (2 pingpongDELAY, Overdrive, EQ
  6. Arpeggiator, Portamento, 8 notes Poly / Mono

sDSK ChoirZ "beta"(synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(6.81Mb)

Plugin features
  1. Midi automation.
  2. Reverb Effect.
  3. Chorus effect.
  4. Velocity response.
  5. 3 Layers with 32 Choir & Pad sounds.
  6. ADSR, Finetuning and Pan control.
  7. 3 Advanced Filters.
  8. 3 LFO routing to Cut, Pan, Level and Pitch.

Kassiopeia v.2.0 (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(4.29Mb)

Plugin features
  1. Stereo Reverb
  2. Variable Noise Generator
  3. User Adjustable Key Scaling
  4. 2 Independent Cross Feedback Delays
  5. 2 Pitch LFOs with Delay and Contoured Fade-In
  6. User selectable 1-8 Note Polyphony
  7. Casio CZ Inspired Dual Line Phase Distortion Synthesizer
  8. 6 Graphic 16-stage Envelope Generators with Stage Looping, Independent Stage Contouring and Key Follow

Meteorite Free (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(1.78Mb)

Plugin features 
  1. 64 presets
  2. Dual stereo delay section
  3. Onboard limiter
  4. Assignable Modwheel
  5. 8 voice polyphony (5 in unison mode)
  6. 3 Envelopes (amp, filter and mod)
  7. 3 Oscillators with sync, FM and ring mod
  8. Sophisticated filter section, up to 4 stages with gain compensation
  9. D-Stabilizer: Creates an analogue feel with subtle pitch modulation

Richman 2 (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(1.57Mb)

Plugin features
Using a Hybrid of Physical Modelling and FM synthesis
Richman2 comes complete with a patch bank containing 100 preset sounds
Specialising in plucked or struck tones Richman2 can also turn its hand to a great many other types of sounds
which in the right hands can make real sounding and organic sound

Umbra (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(6.82Mb)

Umbra  is basically a Waveset of 128 complex waveforms as SF2 plus a specially designed VSTi Synthesizer / SF2 (Soundfont) player.The Umbra waveset can be used also with STS-26 and ProtoPlasm21 and other sf2 compatible apps. As of STS-26 and ProtoPlasm 21 it is recommeded not to load it into all slots as sound might get too fat then
Plugin features
  1. 4 Lazy buttons
  2. 8 voices or maybe 10
  3. LoBoost & Saturator
  4. 1 Amp EG (ADSR)
  5. 1 24db LowPass filter with resonance and EG (ADSR)
  6. 1 Delay bpm synced and modulateble by selectable source
  7. LKO function for Delay (LastKeyOff unleashes full delay amount)
  8. 2 Oscillators with 128 waveforms as external SF2 (24 of these waveforms in free version)
  9. Pan modulateble by selectable LFO and option to switch between normal Pan and Delay to opposite direction

EVM Synths - Occam SE (synth vst plugins)

Direct Download(2.52Mb)

Plugin features
Occam SE is a free VST plugin is a dual channel wavesample synth. The orginal Occam synth got replaced by Omnicron.
  1. 16 presets
  2. Frequency Excite
  3. 13 waveforms (2x)
  4. Panning for both Oscs
  5. Mod matrix (Peak, Sync, Phase)
  6. 2 Osc with Freq, Q and Ratio controls
  7. Envelope ADSR (2x) for Env > Filter and Filter > Env
  8. Dual Channel Stereo Enhancer wutg Time, Feedback and Level controls