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Funxion - Free Hybrid Synthesizer

Funxion VSTI is a Hybrid Synthesizer with user definable functions for waveforms and distortion.


3 oscillators with standard VA and custom waveshapes using mathematical functionsOscillators have FM, Syncing, and different Morph modes 3 LFOs3 ADSRS with Keytracking ADSR time gets faster with higher notes.A Randomizer that changes value constantly or on every triggered note.Multimode Filter with 13 different filter typesDistortion with user definable waveshaping using mathematical functionsA delay for physical modeling and FXAnother delay which can also be modulated256 presets! Developer : xenobioz
Download    |    Demo song

Kruudster Free VST Hybrid Synthesizer

Kruudster is a hybrid synthesizer with a lot of modulation capabilities, with drawable low resolution waveforms.

Features :

3 Oscillators.3 LFOS.A Randomizer, key triggered or rate controlled.3 ADSRs.A Filter with 13 different modes, keytracking and filter mix.2 Modulatable Delays of which one can be Tuned for Physical Modelling.1 Arpeggiator.1 Step modulator including a key triggered mode.PWM for all waveforms.Unique Waveform Morphing.FM.
Developer : Xenobioz
Download (Win)  Listen to Kruudster mp3 Demo

Phazuid V4 (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.08Mb)

Plugin features
1 x Reverb 1 x Level Meter  1 x ADSR Envelope 1 x Ping-Pong Delay  1 x State Variable Filter 3 x Octaves (+4 to -4) and with fine-tuning  3 x OSCs (Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle, Square, Noise) with control of Volume-Level All this with 32 presets integrated

Inorganic1 (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(5.96Mb)

Plugin features
Delay Effect Reverb EffectAmplitude Envelope ADSR  2 Oscillator Phase Offset Modulations State Variable Filter with ADSR Envelope  2 Oscillators, each with subtractive option Adjustable Oscilloscope with input selection

KxStep (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(974Mb)

Plugin features
SF2 player Ring Modulator  Noise Generator  2 Multimode Vcfs 2 Vcos with synchro  S&H with host synchro  Mixer with a vintage EQ 16 steps CV Gate sequencer  2 Lfos with delay time and host synchro  Envelope Generators with a lot of trigger modulations and host synchro All modulations work in same time

VS-1 / oscilloscope (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.67Mb)

Plugin features
4 LFOs2 Filters3 Oscillators4x16 step gateMono/polyphonicStereo synthesizerEffect block with phaser, delay, eq, unison4 ADSR envelopes with synchronization of initial impulses

Serio3 (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.44Mb)

Plugin features
2 LFOs 2 Filters  3 Sub OSCsDelay, Reverb  Chorus EffectsRing Modulation  a Stereo Enhancer an ADSR for each OSC

Anawave (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.29Mb)

Plugin features
32 presets50 Waveforms2 LFO cutoff control 2 Wavetable oscillators  4 ADSR Amp envelopes2 ADSR Filter envelopes 2 Analogue oscillators (sine, saw, square, tri, noise)

Cloud (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.49Mb)

Plugin features
Delay Filter  Re-verb effectsStereo Enhancer  Bit crusher for each OSC

Arptron (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(4.15Mb)

Plugin features
64 presetsMulti-detuneDual Stereo Delay Assignable Mod WheelPhase Distortion(Osc1)Polyphonic portemento 2 crossfading oscillatorsExternal Audio ProcessingDual arpeggiator section (can also be used as a MIDI arp)High, band & lowpass filter (All can be used simultaneously)Audio Mixer (allows crossfading the oscillators w/ incoming audio)3 Envelopes (Dedicated Filter and Amp Envelopes + Mod Envelope)

GCBS4 (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.53Mb)

Plugin features
64 presetsCompressor 3 band equalizerDecay and sustainMp section with control of attackAudio trigger section consists of only two knobsCan be altered by one of sixteen different preset wave shapersA separate sub osc can be set equal to or one octave lower than the main oscillator and can enter the signal chain pre or post filteTwo filters: Moog type and Low pass. Variable envelope amount with controls for attack, decay and sustain. Velocity control affects the filter cutoff and controls the oscillator depth

Ultrasoniqu (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(2.90Mb)

Plugin features
Multi-F/XWave sample Player High quality SynthesizerMulch-Function Sequence Controller

PhazOsc (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(2.21Mb)

Plugin features
64 presetsDelay and chorusGate: which sets the gates strengthDecay: which sets the gates time re-triggerAudio trigger section consists of only two knobsPhase distortion synth offering velocity control on both the amp and timbre

Antopya (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.71Mb)

Plugin features
FX ChorusOne Step LFO Envelope ADSRPhase ADS EnvelopeOne OSC + 3 sub operators 5 Filter types (LP / HP / BP / BR / FMT)Crossharmonic Pad for creating intuitive of Harmonics

Feeling (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.42Mb)

Plugin features
2 LFOs 2 Filters  Distortion  Double Chorus  2 Delay effectsa Saturator for each OSC

GTG WS 2 (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(994Kb)

Plugin features
Mod EnvelopeTempo sync LFOJoystick Controller*Waveshaper and Phase Modulation Oscillator

Drafter (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.47Mb)

Plugin features
Delay 4 LFOs 2 Filters Bit Reducer Stereo Enhancer

DSK OranZe (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.5Mb)

Plugin features
Phase modAmp. envelope Preset manager Midi automation2 multi-mode Filter LFO Routing Matrix2 OSC, 135 waveforms*2 LFO's with 5 waveformsNote sequencer (32 stepsGate Sequencer (16 steps) Octave selector and microtuningUser can edit waveforms whit mouse drag*Preset and step seq. "one click generator"(random)