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Rhythmus - Free VST drum emulator

Rhythmus is designed to emulate the sound of old drum machines. The plugin got some cool features and the plugin made byelektrostudio.

Best Features :

Ten buttons, plus a section of the A / B switch and mixes 20 rhythms (waltz, samba, tango, rumba, etc ..).Set of 3 instruments Tamburin, guiro, quijada has the possibility of a separate mix.At the opening lid is located potentiometers with which you can tune the sound, set the pan and volume.
Only supports windows

Ocet - Free analog drum synth emulation VST plugin

Ocet is an EKO Computerythm analog drum synth emulation plugin developed by elektrostudio
Best Features :  6 sound modules with independent load/save option, and random button.Internal mixer with levels and panoramas (L/R mix output).16 step sequencer, with 16 patterns, load/save option, random function and keyboard midi ctrl.
PS: only available for windows.

Guitar Rig 5 Player - Free Guitar Amp Simulator VST Plugins

Based on Guitar Rig 5 Pro, most famous Guitar amp simulator VST plugin by Native Instruments, Guitar Rig 5 player have the same function but less features than the paid one.

Best Features 1 amp simulator (Jump Amp)1 cabinet simulator (Matched cabinet)Expandable guitar effects rigFree amp, cabinet and effectFlexible multi-effects unitNative Instruments COMPLETE effects integration